I’ve had such bad dry skin for as long as I can remember. I started using Udderly smooth about a month ago and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I no longer have flaking and cracked looking skin and It doesn’t make your skin really oily, which I love. Thanks for making such a great product!”  A Burden


“I originally bought a tube of your product because it was a convenient size for my purse and the price was reasonable. But I immediately fell in love. I have thyroid issues so my skin gets very dry and itchy. A little dab gets smoothed on in seconds. It disappears without out any residue and leaves soft, wonderful smelling skin. Thank you for a wonderful reasonably priced product that works so well!!. ” E Pelletier


“I just wanted to share my awesome story with you. I’ve been suffering from extremely dry skin for a long time. I’ve used everything from prescribed to high end creams and lotions. My skin continued to be irritated, itchy, and dry. My coworker introduced your product to me last February and for the last year I have been free of dry itchy skin. Thank you so much for increasing the quality of my life. D Le”

“My wife recommended that I start using your product for some painful, dry and cracked-skin fingers about two days ago.  Because I am handling cardboard frequently in my work, the combination of that and the dry, cold winter have sorely tested the skin on my hands.  I am absolutely delighted with the results.  The pain is gone and the fingers are healing. “W. Winquist


“I am emailing you today to express how pleased I am with your product, Udderly Smooth Body Cream. I am a registered nurse, and I wash and sanitize my hands often. As a result, I suffer from very dry flaking skin with cracked and bleeding knuckles. I use your product daily, which sooths and helps heal my skin… Thank you for making a wonderful product.” J Walsh